May I, on behalf of the members of The Preceptory of Saint Alban 266, welcome you to our website. We are the first Preceptory, in the Province of Hertfordshire and I believe in England and Wales, to have their own individual website aiming to educate and promote the Knights Templar in general and in Hertfordshire in particular.

Looking through our site you will discover what Knights Templar is and consists of, who Saint Alban was, up to date news of what is happening in our Preceptory, the requirements needed to become a knight Templar, when and where we meet and so much more not forgetting the Banner Dedication held on 25th May 2016. Click here for details.

EKt John Kimm
PProv2ndConst, Registrar


Preceptory News

The Preceptory has two more of it's members joining the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard. Both Kts Dale Murphy and Rich Phillip were invited to join the ranks of the Bodyguard. They have been accepted as probationers for the ensuing year. They will be expected to carry out all the duties expected of them.

This is a fantastic honour for the Preceptory. Being one of the smaller Preceptories in the Province, we now have four members active on the Bodyguard. Looking forward to bigger and better things. Congratulations to the both of you.

At our Installation meeting , we installed our new Eminent Preceptor - Kt John Tombs. It's not often you get to see a 91yr old being installed in the Chair for the first time. Our Installing Preceptor, EKt Jason Jordan did a fantastic job. Prior to the Installation ceremony EKt Jason was privileged to be presented with a replacement Keystone jewel by the RE Provincial Prior Tony Lapsley. This jewel can now be worn by the reigning Eminent Preceptor of the Preceptory. The new officers were appointed and invested.

This was the first time we would see our newly appointed Great Officer, EKt John Kimm PGtChamb, wearing his new regalia. At the Festive Board, our Eminent Preceptor presented the RE Provincial Prior with a £300 cheque for the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.

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The next meeting of the Preceptory of Saint Alban will be the Installation of a new Eminent Preceptor. Kt John Tombs was declared as the Eminent Preceptor Elect at our February meeting. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Registrar via the Contact Us page

Our February 2019 meeting, was one of the best Installations of a Knight into the Order, I have seen. Companion Neil was admitted into our Order in a spectacular ceremony, witnessed by the Provincial Sb-Prior, Provincial Vice-Chancellor and the Provincial Marshal. ALL the officers of the Preceptory played their part to the best of their ability which resulted in Knight Neil receiving the best of the best. Let's hope this continues. We were also pleased to have a knight from Suffolk in attendance, invited through Social Media. A big thank you to all that attended.

The Provincial Priory meeting held on 28th June 2018 was held at Bushey Sports club under the banner of the Preceptory of Saint Alban 266. We had great support from our members who were dutifully deputed to carrying out many of the tasks to assist the smooth running of the meeting. With 3 of our members already engaged on Provincial duties or involved in reaching an appointment, the remaining attendees had to work even harder considering we were expecting the Most Eminent and Supreme Grandmaster to attend and dedicate the new Provincial Banner accompanied by the Great Seneschal, Malcolm Ernest Slater.

Rehearsals went off pretty well and the weather promised to have sunshine all day. The distinguished visitors arrived and were duly catered for. After the processions into the temple, we greeted the ME & SG Raymond Paul Clement under the watchful eye of the Great Marshal, VE Kt Tim Wheeler. The former took charge of the meeting and performed an extremely sincere dedication for our new banner. The RE Provincial Prior, Tony Lapsley, then took his rightful place and continued with the rest of the items on the agenda.

A great day was had by all. We were delighted to see the new banner, donated by our very own EKt Peter Cox who was also promoted to Provincial Banner Bearer - quite rightly so! Kt Lester Wellington was appointed as Deputy Bodyguard Commander and Kt Dennis Holmes was appointed for his first year as a Bodyguard Knight. Pictures of this day can be found on the Herts Prov Website

Our congratulations go to E Kt Peter Cox who will be promoted to the rank of Banner Bearer for the Province during the year 2018 - 19. His appointment and investiture will take place at the Provincial Priory meeting on 28th June 2018 at the Bushey Sports Club.

Kt Lester Wellington will be re-appointed as the Provincial Prior's Deputy Bodyguard Commander and Kt Dennis Holmes will be appointed as a member of the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard.

Please take special note that the meeting of the Province is being held under the Preceptory Banner of the Preceptory of Saint Alban 266. Make an extra effort to be in attendance for this very honourable occasion.

St George's Day Dinner We had a change of venue this year due to complications with the Caterers. This year we were to Bushey Sports Club. The round tables were different and thought to be a hurdle for the Bodyguard escorting the beef. The Bodyguard adapted accordingly and must be praised for the dramatic entrance and escort provided.

The hall was packed. There was a great turn out from the Knights in the Province and their guests. We had the Stand Up Bingo which is the only way monies are raised in this event, for Charity. The evening was rounded off with the gorgeous Gemma Turner singing us out with her selection of songs and the Last Night at the Proms repertoire. I believe a good night was had by all.

That was so worth the wait! Tuesday 20th February 2018 saw the installation of our newest Knight Rich Phillip. For our Preceptory to have so many guests at a meeting, of which none were there on official business, has been a rare occurrence. With around 33 Knights present, we were honoured with the presence of the Provincial Prior of Hertfordshire, RE Kt Tony Lapsley, the Provincial Vice Chancellor EKt Alastair White, Provincial Marshal EKt Mike Beaty; RE Kt Ray Cochrane KCT, Provincial Prior of Oxon, Berks & Bucks and RE Kt John Roberts, Provincial Prior of Middlesex.

Our Marshal kept his cool under all the pressure and performed admirably. Our Candidate was treated to an exceptional unique experience, which he will look back on and treasure for the rest of his days. All Knights who participated in the ceremony today, did themselves proud and the Preceptory too.

We also welcomed two joining members today; EKts Bernard Willis and Mick Gray.

Our next meeting is not far away... I have this strange feeling that the Eminent Preceptor and the Marshal are going to be under a little bit more pressure then usual! I am 100% certain that our Candidate on the night will have a wonderful ceremony and feel privileged to have such a crowd attend to see him Installed. "Who's coming?" I hear you ask. Well the only way to find out is to attend yourself.

St Albans - Lost Abbott: FOUND! Here is an interesting article on an archaeological find relating to John of Wheathampstead, a former Abbot of national and international renown, who died in 1465 and whose burial site has remained a mystery to this day.

Huge welcome to our latest Companion in Arms Dale Murphy. Admitted into the Order at our last meeting on 16th October 2017. We look forward to your support and companionship at the Preceptory of Saint Alban.

At the Provincial Priory held on 22nd June 2017, the Right Eminent Prior was pleased to make the following appointments for members of Saint Alban: E Kt Rob Gurney was appointed Provincial Sword Bearer; E Kt Gary Harrison was promoted to Past Provincial Herald; Kt Lester Wellington was appointed Provincial Deputy Bodyguard Commander. 266 moving forward.

Another accolade for our Preceptory. Kt Dennis Holmes has been accepted as a Probationer on the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard. Congratulations Dennis.

E Kt Rob Gurney has completed his second year in the Chair of the Preceptory. In our Installation meeting in May, he installed his successor and our previous Marshal, E Kt Michael Beckett. Looks like we are going to have a busy year ahead.

We welcomed a new Knight into our Preceptory at our February 2017 meeting. Kt Dr Prof William Clocksin joined the preceptory during a wonderful ceremony. The Right Eminent Provincial Prior and his escort were in attendance, accompanied by the Provincial Bodyguard. I am sure William will be a credit to the Order.

The Preceptory are holding a POI on Thursday 9th February 2017 at 7.45pm. We are conducting the Installation of a Knight and are honoured to have the Provincial Prior in attendance. Should be a great meeting.

We had a great time at Ashwell House with some prospective Candidates for the Order in general and for this Preceptory in particular. Sandwiches, roast potatoes and cake was supplied and went down a treat. Merry Christmas!

Kt Dennis Holmes attended the Melita Preceptory on Saturday 15th October 2016 and took his Malta Degree. Congratulations on taking a further step in this wonderful Order.

We welcomed a new Knight into our Preceptory at our October 2016 meeting. Kt Stephen Nunn joined the preceptory during a wonderful ceremony. I am sure he will be a credit to the Order.

The Preceptory had their new banner dedicated by the RE Provincial Prior, Tony Lapsley. For full report and pictures, please click here: Full Report

The Preceptory has been honoured with a Bro Knight receiving a promotion. EKt David Bell has been promoted to PProvStdB(VB). Congratulations David.

The Preceptory of Saint Alban is honoured to have its first Great Priory Officer appointed in the last 16 years. EKt Edward (Ted) Richardson Past Provincial 2nd Constable will be appointed as Past Great Aide - de - Camp at the next Great Priory meeting in May. Please try and attend to support Ted in his appointment. This is great news for the Preceptory.

The Hertfordshire Province has also heard that its Vice Chancellor, EKt A White, will be appointed to the active rank of Great Deputy Sword Bearer at the May meeting of Great Priory. On behalf of all the members of 266 - Congratulations!

Click here for the Herts Provincial Website

Kt Lester Wellington has been invited to join the Provincial Bodyguard. He undertook his first official duty at the Joseph Moffett Preceptory at Watford on 6th October 2015 where they were lucky enough to have a candidate and an Installation of a new Preceptor.

It was Eminent Preceptor - EKt Robert Gurney's first working meeting after his Installation. We were privileged to be present when Comp Paul Thompson, our Eminent preceptor's candidate, was admitted into our Illustrious Order, being installed by EKts Peter Cox and Rob Gurney in a lovely sincere manner. The symbols were explained by Kt Lester Wellington. We had a fantastic Festive Board with our guests and new Knight.

Kts John Tombs and Jason Jordan both took their Malta degree in Cheshunt on 17th October. Kt Lester Wellington attended Crossed Swords on 4th November and Paul Thompson, hopefully, will do his at Stuart Preceptory Watford in February 2016.

Two more prospective knights for the preceptory have been approved by the Province for installation. We will be welcoming them at our next meeting will be interesting.

As our Eminent Preceptor will not be having a ladies festival during his year, we have been invited to join the brethren of King Henry VIIIth Lodge at their festival weekend. It looks set to be a wonderful weekend and two of my regular visitors, Eminent Knight Mick Gray and Knight Brian Callum are organising the event which is very reasonably priced. Bryan is currently Worshipful Master and is very keen to extend his invitation to brother knights of our Preceptory. Anyone wishing to join in the festivities can contact me through our Registrar. Booking Form Hotel Info

October 2019 meeting
Monday, 21st October 2019

Our Preceptory will be hosting EKt William Snell who will be giving an interesting talk on The Hospitaliers. Despite being part of our Order, not enough time is devoted to the Knights of Malta and what they are all about. Maybe this will enlighten you.

May Installation meeting
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019

Installation meeting of the Preceptory. Kt John Tombs is to be installed as Eminent Preceptor. The RE Provincial Prior will be in attendance to present the Preceptory with a replacement Keystone Jewel. If you are eligible and wish to attend, please contact our Registrar via our contact page. Members, the summons is available for download on the Members page.

Great Priory
Wednesday, 15th May 2019

The Most Eminent and Supreme Grandmaster Raymond Paul Clement will be pleased to appoint EKt John Kimm to his first Great Priory rank of Past Gt Chamberlain . The members of the Preceptory should make every effort to attend and support him on this special occasion. If you are unable to attend, you will have the opportunity see E Kt John in his new regalia a week later when we install our new Eminent Preceptor at St Albans.

Preceptory of Saint Alban POI at Ashwell House
Friday, 17th May 2019

With the meeting in a few days, this is the opportunity for our officers to get together and iron out any wrinkles we may have to make the meeting enjoyable for everyone. Starts at 7.45pm sharp.

Provincial Priory
Thursday 27th June 2019

That time of year has come round again where the Hertfordshire Province will be holding their Provincial Priory meeting at the Bushey Sports Club. It is expected to be extremely well attended so book now. Come and congratulate all the members of the Province who will be receiving appointment or promotion in Provincial Rank.

About Us: Preceptory of Saint Alban 266

Who was Saint Alban?

Saint Alban is venerated as the first English martyr. He was ...

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Where & When We Meet

The Preceptory meets at Ashwell House, Verulam Road, St ...

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Who are our members? Who can we accept? What will I need?

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Officers for 2019 - 20

The following Knights have been appointed to ...

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The Preceptory

What is the Preceptory of Saint Alban Preceptory 266?

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Precepts of the Order

Love, honour and fear God, walk after his commandments.....

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Candidate Qualifications

Candidates for this Order must be: 1) Master Masons. 2) Companions...

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Regalia for KT

The following items are required regalia for the Order of Knights Templar...

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Banner Dedication

The preceptory was honoured to have their new banner dedicated by...

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Knights Templar - Hertfordshire

What is Knight's Templar?

The full title is The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the ...

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Provincial Bodyguard

The Provincial Prior's Bodyguard is a team of Knights drawn from Precep ...

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Hertfordshire Pilgrims

An enthusiastic and happy band of Knights (formerly pilgrims) formed to ...

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  • Eminent Preceptor
  • Chaplain
  • 1st Constable
  • 2nd Constable
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Marshal
  • Deputy Marshal
  • Almoner
  • 1st Herald
  • 2nd Herald
  • Standard Bearer (B)
  • Standard Bearer (VB)
  • Banner Bearer
  • Captain of the Guard
  • Guard
What they do

Preceptory of Improvement

This is held, under the leadership and guidance of the Provincial Marshal, E.Kt. Mike Beaty, at The Masonic Hall, The Rose Walk, Radlett, Herts. WD7 7JS.
Commencing at 10.00am on the first Sunday of the months of February, March, April, June, September, October, November and December.

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Knights of Malta

Meetings of this Order are held in a Priory and presided over by a Prior. The Priory is normally only opened either to receive new knights of the Order, or at the installation of the new Prior.

The Degree of Knight of Malta deals with the period when the Knights travelled from Palestine to reach their final home in Malta, emphasising their Christian virtues. This degree recounts the history of the Knights of Malta and their long struggle against the unenlightened. It traces their progress from the time they left Jerusalem until they reached their final home on the island of Malta. The attention of all candidates is drawn to the presence of five officers who assume the role of personal staff of the Grand Master, while the other officers represent the heads of the eight Langues or Tongues, into which the ancient Order was divided. An explanation of the traditional history is given as the final part of the ceremony. The ritual has esoteric meaning and invites the candidate to reflect on the meaning of mystical resurrection.

Meetings of this Order are held in a Priory and presided over by a Prior.

The Priory is normally only opened either to receive new knights of the Order, or at the installation of the new Prior. This degree of Christian Knighthood recounts the history of the Knights of Malta and their long struggle against the unenlightened. It traces their progress from the time they left Jerusalem until they reached their final home on the island of Malta.

The attention of all candidates is drawn to the presence of five officers who assume the role of personal staff of the Grand Master, while the other officers represent the heads of the eight Langues or Tongues, into which the ancient Order was divided.

An explanation of the traditional history is given as the final part of the ceremony. The ritual has esoteric meaning and invites the candidate to reflect on the meaning of mystical resurrection.

Next Meeting


Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd May 2019.
We will be Installing the new Eminent Preceptor.

KT Members of 266

To join Knights Templar you must be a Craft Freemason of UGLE and are or have been Companions of The Holy and Supreme Royal Arch degree. You also need to profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith. Our members come from a number of different Lodges and Chapters, in the main, based in Hertfordshire.

Being a small Preceptory, we are very lucky to have two Great Officers amongst our numbers, one appointed at Great Priory in May 2016. We have a number of Provincial Officers of Past rank including a recent Preceptor who was appointed to the active rank of Prov Sword Bearer. We are also proud to have one of our members, as the Deputy Commander of the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard and another as a member of the Bodyguard. EKt Peter Cox donated the new Provincial Banner which was dedicated by the Most Eminent & Supreme Grandmaster Raymond Paul Clement at Provincial Priory on 28th June 2018, where we also saw EKt Peter promoted to the Provincial Banner Bearer.

If you are interested in joining KT in general or our Preceptory in particular, please do not hesitate in contacting the Vice Chancellor of our Province for more info but bear in mind, you must satisfy the three points in paragraph 1 above.

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Knights Templar

The full title is The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta in England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas. The Order is governed by the 'Great Priory' based in Mark Master Masons Hall, London under the command of the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master Paul Clement, G.C.T.

The qualifications required to become a member are, that a Candidate must be a Master Mason; a Royal Arch Companion, and profess the Christian Faith with a belief in the Holy Trinity.
To become a Knight of Malta, a Brother must first be a Knight Templar. Each Preceptory comprises both a Preceptory of Knights Templar and a Priory of Knights of Malta, each being opened and closed in privacy to carry out the business required to maintain and promote the Orders.

The aims of the Orders are an expansion to those of Freemasonry in general, that inspires its members to an approach to life, which seeks to reinforce thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in society and fairness in all things. Members are urged to regard the interests of the family as paramount; but importantly Freemasonry also teaches and practises concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need. Donations to local and national charities are made by the Preceptories individually. Additionally funds are raised to assist the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, which are administered through the Province to a central fund at Great Priory.

The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is a Foundation of The Order of St John, the oldest charity in the world.
The Hospital Group is the main provider of eye care in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. In 2014, the hospital treated 114,000 patients - a high percentage under the age of 18. Patients are treated regardless of race, religion or the ability to pay. The ritual has esoteric meaning and invites the candidate to reflect on the meaning of mystical resurrection.

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The Bodyguard

The Provincial Prior's Bodyguard is a team of Knights drawn from Preceptories in the Province of Hertfordshire, who provide ceremonial duties when the Provincial Prior is visiting a Preceptory, and at the Annual Meeting of Provincial Priory, and the Provincial Service of Praise.

When the Provincial Prior formally visits a Preceptory, members of the Bodyguard attend and form an Arch of Steel for his Procession in, and the Recession out of, the Preceptory. At the Annual Meeting of Provincial Priory, and the Service of Praise, they perform a variety of other tasks to generally assist the Provincial Marshal with the physical arrangements on the day.

Membership of the Provincial Prior's Body Guard is by invitation, and selection of New Knights to join this select team takes place annually, usually in March or April. Nominations can made by Preceptory Registrars and Marshals. A Knight's membership ceases when he receives Provincial Rank. A member of the Bodyguard must also be a Knight of Malta.

Past and Present members of the Bodyguard have the privilege of being able to join the Bodyguard Preceptory - Crossed Swords No 618.

Individual members can enjoy the close bond of friendship that Bodyguard membership generates, and they witness and take part in the Temple and Malta ceremonies on a more frequent basis than they would if only attending their own Preceptory or Priory. This assists them to pass through the offices of their own Preceptories and benefits those Preceptories by having more experienced, capable, and dedicated officers.

Each new member of the Bodyguard serves an initial probationary period which gives the Knight the opportunity to assess whether or not the role is for him, but likewise for the Commander, Deputy Commander and Registrar to assess whether they are suitable and sufficiently committed to be confirmed as full members. New members, once confirmed in the role, members wear on their Mantles the distinguishing cross of membership of the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard and are permitted to wear the Bodyguard tie, both deemed by many to be honours in themselves.

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Offices of the

Eminent Preceptor

This is the equivalent office as that of the Worshipful Master in a Craft Lodge. It is that time when the Installed Knight becomes an Eminent Knight. He now takes the reigns of running the Preceptory for the ensuing 12 months or until a successor is elected and installed in his stead. Several changes to regalia are made.


The officer who conducts prayers. Can be a man of any profession in the outside world, not necessarily a clergyman.

1st Constable

The 1st Constable holds the same office as that of Senior Warden in a Craft Lodge. It is the office a Knight holds prior to joing in the Chair as Eminent Preceptor. In a Preceptory with very good membership, it should take approximately seven years to get to this position once you start on the "ladder".

2nd Constable

This office is similar to that of the 1st Constable but junior to that office.


The senior officer in charge of the Preceptory funds. His role is to collect the dues from the members regarding membership and dining; Maintain the proper accounts of the Preceptory and provide annual reports.


This is a similar role to that of the Lodge Secretary in a Craft Lodge. Amongst his duties is to carry out the commands of the Eminent Preceptor; Liaise with the Province; Maintain communication with all the Brethren; produce the summons for each meeting; arrange the logistics for each meeting and be a communication point for the Brethren regarding advice on By-laws, Constitution and general matters..


The Marshal is the Director of Ceremonies for Knights Templar and is the principal figure during the Installation of a new Knight. His role is to ensure the smooth running of each meeting and the festive board afterwards. It is common practice for this office to be a Past Preceptor who is proficient with the Ritual.

Deputy Marshal

The Deputy Marshal's role is to assist the Marshal throughout the ceremonial duties whether it is the installation of a new Knight or a new Eminent Preceptor. Some Preceptory's may split the ceremonial work between the Marshal and Deputy Marshal.


An extremely important office in any Order. His duties are many and varied; keeping in contact with all the members of the Preceptory, their families and providing support for those in need.

1st Herald

The Senior Deacon is the equivalent office in a Craft Lodge for the 1st Herald. One of the main differences here is the Heralds do not take charge of Candidates during the ceremonies. Their role is more visual and assisting the Marshal.

2nd Herald

The Junior Deacon is the equivalent office in a Craft Lodge for the 2nd Herald. Please see 1st Herald above.

Standard Bearer (B)

There is no equivalent office in a Craft lodge for any of the Standard Bearers. Bears the B Standard and assists in the ceremony.

Standard Bearer (VB)

There is no equivalent office in a Craft lodge for any of the Standard Bearers. Bears the VB Standard and assists in the ceremony.

Banner Bearer

There is no equivalent office in a Craft lodge for any of the Banner Bearers. Responsible for Bearing the Banner at Preceptory and Provincial events.

Captain of the Guard

Situated within the entrance of the Preceptory, he remains with his sword drawn as long as the preceptory is open. Despite being the first office en route to the Chair of Eminent Preceptor, during the ceremony of installation, the only speaking parts are those of the Eminent Preceptor, Chaplain, the Constables, Marshal and Captain of the Guard. Despite their seniority, neither the Heralds or Standard Bearers are vocal - other than reading from scrolls.


Situated outside the door, the Outer Guard or Guard takes on the duties of a Craft Tyler by preparing the candidates for the various parts of the ceremonies; giving the proper reports on the door whenever members, visitors or Candidates require admission and prevent unqualified people entering the Preceptory.

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Hertfordshire Pilgrims

An enthusiastic and happy band of Knights (formerly pilgrims) formed to travel around the Province to assist and support Preceptories in need, by swelling their attendance, taking office for the meeting, assisting in ritual, or whatever else is required.

Please enrol to receive visit and meeting details from our organising Knight, and join us whenever you can, by sending your Name, email address, telephone number and the Preceptory you belong to, by email: Mike Beaty

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This is held, under the leadership and guidance of the Provincial Marshal, E.Kt. Mike Beaty, at The Masonic Hall, The Rose Walk, Radlett, Herts. WD7 7JS.
Commencing at 10.00am on the first Sunday of the months of February, March, April, June, September, October, November and December.

It has been formed for the purpose of helping the Knights of the Province to learn and practise the drill and ritual, and so improve the standards throughout the Preceptories in the Province of Hertfordshire.

A Drill session is held during every P of I and is particularly beneficial to those Knights who have recently come into the Order.

Being a Military Order, Knights Templar is very different to most other Masonic Orders, in that members have to use a sword, perform drill, and work as part of a team. Knights probably remember being seated in the Preceptory after their Installation, and then, together with the other Knights present, being called on to come to order, to pray, and to take part in the closing of the Preceptory (this all being totally new to them). Most Knights then go off home and come to the next meeting, not having received any instruction in the drill, but having to perform it, some of which they had never seen before.

Being taught the drill at P of I, and practising it, enables them to attend meetings knowing what they are doing, and why, and feeling much more confident and at ease.

A ceremony of the Installation of a Knight is usually performed at each P.of I.
The Officers having been nominated at the previous P.of I. by the Provincial Marshal or his Deputy. Preference is given to Officers who want to practise their role in a forthcoming ceremony in their Preceptory. This is particularly so for Eminent Preceptors and Marshals, but includes everyone through from Captain of Guards to Constable.

An effort is made to involve all Knights present, and if numbers permit, to include Guarding the Sepulchre and an Arch of Steel.

If any Knight wants to practise a particular role, or part of the ritual, he should make this known to the Provincial Marshal at the previous P.of I.

An important part of the instruction involves explaining the roles of each office and the reasons and meaning of both drill and the ritual. This therefore hopefully means that there is something to be gained by everyone attending.

Ever increasing attendance figures show how beneficial Knights find the P of I, and it is hoped that more and more Knights will take advantage of joining in Knightly Brotherhood, and increasing their knowledge and enjoyment of this wonderful Order.

Mike Beaty
Provincial Marshal
07909 983179

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The Precepts of the Order

  • Love, honour and fear God, walk after his commandments.
  • Maintain and defend the Christian Faith and the honour, dignity and interests of our Order.
  • Be loyal to your Sovereign, dutiful to the Grand Master and obedient to those who rule over you.
  • Prefer honour to wealth.
  • Be just and true in word and deed.
  • Give no willing cause of offence to any; but, while opposing wrong and injustice, deport yourselves courteously and gently.
  • Assist the distressed, the widow and the fatherless.
  • Eschew all debasing employment, recreation and company; abhor pride and selfishness and so raise the standard of chivalrous honour, striving for the welfare of your Brethren

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Candidate Qualifications

Candidates for this Order must be:

  • 1) Craft Master Masons
  • 2) Companions of the Royal Arch
  • 3) Profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith

They are Installed first as Knights of the Temple and then, later on in a separate ceremony, as Knights of Malta. Although the Orders can only claim to have inherited these titles from the knightly fraternities formed during the Crusades, the beautiful and moving ceremonies are based on those early beginnings when a group of Knights were granted a place of habitation within the sacred precincts of King Solomon's Temple by King Baldwin II of Jerusalem in 1118. Enquiries re Joining KT should contact Vice Chancellor of Herts

KT Regalia

The colourful regalia is based on the dress worn by the Crusaders. The Knights Templar wear a white tunic faced with a red cross, together with a white mantle and a red cap, each also bearing a red cross. A black sash, belt and sword are worn over the tunic - although the sword is not a two handed one, as was in general use among the Crusaders.
Regalia page

Malta Regalia

In the Order of Malta a red tunic, black mantle and black cap are worn, each bearing an Amalfi Cross, often known as a Maltese Cross. This cross is eight-pointed and in the form of four "V"- shaped arms joined together at their tips, so that each arm has two points. Its design is based on crosses used since the First Crusade and was the symbol of Amalfi, a small Italian republic of the 11th century. There is no sash, but the belt and sword are worn as in the Knights Templar.

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  • Mantle
  • Tunic
  • Cap
  • Sash
  • Belt with Frog
  • Sword & Scabbard
  • Gloves/Gauntlets
  • Star Jewel
  • Cross of the Temple Jewel
  • Malta Cross Jewel (if qualified)

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Saint Alban - Who was he?

Saint Alban is venerated as the first English martyr. He was a Romano-British pagan living in the city of Verulamium sometime during the third or fourth century. During a purge of Christians, Alban shielded a Christian priest, traditionally known Amphibalus, in his home as he fled from Roman soldiers. Alban was so impressed by the priest's piety that he converted to Christianity.

When the Romans realised Amphibalus' whereabouts they came to seize him. But Alban, disguising himself in the cloak of Amphibalus, offered himself to the soldier. He was then taken to the pagan temple at Verulamium and presented to the judge. The judge was furious when he discovered that Alban had taken Amphibalus's place and demanded that Alban renounce Christianity and offer sacrifices to the gods. It was then that Alban spoke the words quoted in the prayer still used at St Albans Abbey: "I worship and adore the true and living God who created all things." Alban was then scourged and sentenced to death.

On his way to his execution Alban had to cross the River Ver, but it was clogged with a mob of townspeople who wanted to watch the execution. Alban is said to have prayed for a quick death and the river subsequently dried up, allowing Alban and his captors to cross on dry land. When Alban's executioner witnessed this he fell to his feet and prayed that he would suffer with Alban or be executed. Both the soldier and Alban were beheaded, but as Alban's head fell to the ground so did the eyes of the second executioner, who killed Alban. The judge who witnessed these events was so moved that he ended the persecution of Christians and began to honour the saints. The place of Saint Alban's death is where St Albans Cathedral now stands.

Saint Alban is venerated by Anglicans, Catholics and Orthodox Christians. Every year, on the weekend which falls closest to the time of Alban's martyrdom, St Albans Cathedral hosts the Alban Pilgrimage, with huge puppets re-enacting the events of his heroic death.

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Ashwell House

Ashwell House is the name of the Masonic Centre in St Albans.
With over 37 Craft Lodges and many other Masonic Orders meeting here, the centre is easily accessible by road and rail.

Consecrated - 23rd May 1930
Meeting at Ashwell House, St Albans

Installation - 4th Wednesday in May
Regular Meetings - 3rd Tuesday in February, 3rd Monday in October

Parking available at rear of car park for 100 cars. Parking also available at street level.

Take care not to park in resident parking bays.
For further information contact Tom Johnson 01727 862785 or

The Preceptory of Saint Alban is the only Preceptory of Knights Templar that meets at Ashwell House, St Albans.

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The Preceptory

(† with acknowledgement to E Kt Prof. Reinhardt Waldsax; ‡ MMH website: Keystone Fund)

The Province first came into existence in 1840 with the formation of Watford Encampment under the guidance of William Stuart Sen., who subsequently ruled the Province as Provincial Grand Commander. In 1861, William Stuart became Grand Master of the Order and appointed George Francis as his successor in Hertfordshire, at the same time sanctioning that Watford Encampment should be known as Stuart Encampment. Francis remained as Provincial Grand Commander until his death in 1879 and it would seem that the Province died with him, there being no recorded minutes of the Province’s existence after this time. †

Stuart Encampment, which had been renamed Stuart Preceptory, struggled on. †

In the meantime, a ruling had been established that a Province must have a minimum of three Preceptories, and consequently a concerted effort was made in 1930 by Stuart Preceptory to form two new Preceptories – one at St. Albans and another in the Hertford region. As a result, the Preceptory of St. Alban, No. 266 was Consecrated later that year, followed by Temple Chelsin Preceptory, No. 269 a year later in 1931. †

With three Preceptories now in existence, overtures were made by Stuart Preceptory to the Grand Master’s Council for a new Provincial Priory of Hertfordshire to be formed. †

The original Keystone Fund was established on the 3rd June 1930, it was on the basis that it would only apply to the Mark degree. Such was the enthusiasm of other Orders being administered by Mark Masons’ Hall that in 1933 it was extended initially to the Knights Templar and it was agreed that a special ribbon could be worn by “Keystone Preceptories”. Eventually this arrangement was extended to all the other Orders. The primary purpose of the Fund was to help finance major capital projects to improve the fabric, facilities and quality of Mark Masons’ Hall. ‡

Certain Provinces and Preceptories qualified to become either Keystone Provinces or Keystone Preceptories. The Preceptory of Saint Alban 266, is a Keystone Preceptory. Members may wear a small breast jewel suspended from a ribbon. Lodges, Provinces, Districts and Inspectorates have a larger jewel suspended from a collarette which is worn by the Master during his year of office. ‡

The levels of contributions and the Jewels are the same for all Orders, the only difference being the colour of the ribbon/collarette from which the Jewel is suspended:

  • Royal & Select Masters: | Crimson
  • Red Cross of Constantine: | White
  • Order of the Secret Monitor: | Indian Yellow
  • Allied Masonic Degrees: | Thistle Green
  • Knights Templar: | Red & White
  • Order of the Scarlet Cord: | Red/White & Black
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    Officers 2019 - 2020


    EKt John Tombs

    Past Preceptor:

    EKt Jason Jordan

    Chaplain:EKt Edward RichardsonPGt A-de-C, PProv 2nd Const
    1st Constable:*Kt Lester Wellington Dep BG Commander
    2nd Constable:Kt Terry Franklin-Smith
    Treasurer:EKt David BellPProvStdB(VB)
    Registrar:EKt John KimmPGtChamb, PProv 2nd Const
    Marshal:EKt Peter CoxPProv Banner Bearer
    Deputy Marshal:EKt Robert GurneyPProvGSwdB
    Almoner:EKt Michael BeckettPProv 2nd Const
    First Herald:Kt Paul Thompson
    Second Herald:*Kt Dennis Holmes
    Standard Bearer (B):Kt Stephen Day
    Standard Bearer (VB):Kt Steve Nunn
    Banner Bearer:Kt Dale Murphy
    Captain of the Guard:Kt Rich Phillip
    Outer Guard:EKt Mick GrayPProv.A-De-C (Northampton Huntingdon & Bedford)
    * Denotes member of the Provincial Bodyguard


    EKt Jason Jordan

    Past Preceptor:

    EKt Michael Beckett

    PProv 2nd Const
    Chaplain:EKt Edward RichardsonPGtA-de-C, PProv 2nd Const
    1st Constable:Kt John Tombs
    2nd Constable:*Kt Lester WellingtonDeputy Bodyguard Commander
    Treasurer:EKt David BellPProvStdB(VB)
    Registrar:EKt John KimmPProv 2nd Const
    Marshal:EKt Peter CoxProv Banner Bearer
    Deputy Marshal:EKt Rob Gurney PProvSwdB
    A/Almoner:EKt Michael BeckettPProv 2nd Const
    First Herald:Kt Terry Franklin-Smith
    Second Herald:Kt Paul Thompson
    Standard Bearer (B):*Kt Dennis Holmes
    Standard Bearer (VB):Kt Stephen Day
    Banner Bearer:Kt Stephen Nunn
    Captain of the Guard:Kt William Clocksin
    Outer Guard:Immediate Past Preceptor
    * Denotes member of the Provincial Bodyguard

    All Officers are appointed annually. Some officers are elected by the members of the Preceptory, including the Eminent Preceptor for the ensuing year. It is then his duty to appoint and invest the remaining officers for the year. Some of the offices held by the Brethren are progressive and others are not. By progressive, that means that the holder of that office will 'climb the ladder' the following year on their journey to become Eminent Preceptor. Other Brethren, in non-progressive offices, may stay in that office for a number of years until they are replaced with a successor.

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