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Lodge News

On 14th December 2019 W. Bro. Maj. Joseph Willoughby David Lloyd George Clarke CVO, ADC. PJGD was installed as Worshipful Master of the Shotokan Karate Lodge held at Freemasons Hall Great Queens Street London. W. Bro. David was initiated into Lodge Thistle No. 1014 under the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 25th November 1992 in the land of his native birth, Barbados. He became a joining member the Shotokan Karate Lodge on 14th February 2004.

W. Bro Clarke started his karate journey in 1978 at the Queen's College karate Club in Barbados and transferred to the Barbados Shotokan Karate Club in 1980. He gained his Shodan (1st degree black belt) on 21st March 1984 under the Japan Karate Association (JKA). He is currently a Roku Dan (6th degree black belt) and president of the International Karate Daigaku (IKD) headquartered in Canada. Sensei Clarke represented Barbados from 1988 to 2000, was a Silver medallist at the 1989 ISKF/JKA Pan American Championships and was a member of the first Barbados team to compete at the World Shoto Cup in Tokyo Japan 2000. Sensei Clarke teaches regularly in Barbados, Jamaica and at Colchester Shotokan Karate Club in Essex.

W. Bro. David was the hundredth master of his mother Lodge in 2005 and is also a past master of the Research Lodge of Amity No. 9073 and a founder member of Providence Lodge No. 928 under the Grand Lodge of Ireland in the Bahamas. He is also a member of Victoria Holy Royal Arch No. 2196.

W. Bro. Clarke is an elected member of the District Board of General Purposes for Barbados and The Eastern Caribbean and served as Junior Grand Deacon (JGD) in United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) from April 2018 to March 2019. He was appointed a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO) on 14th October 2003 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 and promoted to a Commander (CVO) in the Queen's birthday honours in 2017. He was awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal, the Antigua and Barbuda twenty fifth anniversary of Independence medal, the Governor General’s Gold medal and the Caribbean Cadet Medal. He is also a Gold Award holder of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and a Paul Harris Fellow.

Worshipful Master W. Bro David Clarke, Senior Warden Brother Robin Reid 6th Dan, Junior Warden Brother Henry Leipold and Immediate Past Master Sensei Bernard Coppen 5th Dan

On the 8th December 2018 at the Shotokan Karate Lodge installation meeting at Freemasons Hall, Great Queens Street Bro Henry Leipold and Brother Stuart Dubois presented the new Worshipful Master W. Bro Bernard Coppen with a gift of a ceremonial Katana and Tanto.

The Katana was one of the traditionally made Japanese swords used by Samurai both in the battlefield and for practicing several martial arts, modern martial artists still use a variety of Katana.

The Katana is characterised by its distinctive appearance: a curved, single-edged 60 cm blade with a circular or squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands. The Katana was commonly worn together with a shorter sword or dagger, such as the Tanto. This pairing was called the daisho, which translates literally as "big-little", and only the Samurai class were entitled to wear the daisho in feudal Japan.

The Katana and Tanto are sheathed in a Saya which is a Japanese term for a scabbard, and both Saya are engraved with Shotokan Karate Lodge No. 9752. These swords are not simply for show they will be actively used in the Lodge ceremonies: The Inner Guard will use the Tanto and the Tyler will arm himself with the drawn Katana.

Great meeting on Saturday 9th April where we welcomed two new Brothers into Freemasonry, Stuart and Diego, with a double Initiation. The Lodge is pleased to announce that we hope to have another double Initiation in October.

Brethren, congratulations are in order for WBro Martyn Grant who received LGR at the Metropolitan Grand Lodge meeting. We look forward to seeing more of the Shotokan Karate Lodge members being honoured in the future.

We are privileged to have been contacted by Freemasonry Today who are currently featuring speciality Lodges in their magazine. This quarter was our turn. Some members of the Lodge met with the journalist and photographer to compile a great article which can be seen here online or in the edition recently sent out.

WBro Randall celebrates 50 years training in karate on Monday 6th January 2014. A fantastic achievement! Congratulations. Oss!