Dojo Code

At Tairyoku, it is traditional to recite the Dojo Code at the end of every lesson. This is an old tradition that continues in some of the better known clubs today.

Here is the version the TSKC karateka recite:-

Exert oneself in the perfection of character;
Be faithful and sincere;
Cultivate the spirit of perserverance;
Be respectful and courteous;
Refrain from impetuous and violent behaviour;

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  • Jinkaku kansei ni tsuto nuru koto.

    Pronounciation! Jeenkaku kansay nee / sto muru koto.

    English translation: "Seek perfection of character."

  • Makoto no michi o mamoru koto.

    Pronounciation! Mahkoto no meechee o / mahmoru koto.

    English translation: "Be faithful."

  • Do ryoku no seishin o yashinau koto.

    Pronounciation! Do ryooku no saysheen o / yashinow koto.

    English translation: "Endeavor to excel."

  • Rei gi o omonzuru koto.

    Pronounciation! Ray gi o / omonzuru koto.

    English translation: "Respect others."

  • Kekki no you o imashi muru koto.

    Pronounciation! Keh'key no you o / imashimuru koto.

    English translation: "Refrain from violent behavior."

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