Dojo Rules

Upon joining a club, membership must be paid promptly.
Each karateka must hold a current licence.
The class fees must be paid for on the day of the lesson.
All jewellery and watches must be removed before training. Jewellery that cannot be removed must be covered.
T-Shirts and vests will not be worn under the gi of male karateka.
Karateka will not practice kumite before or after a lesson without the permission of Sensei or under the supervision of Sensei or his nominee.
Karateka will refrain from running around the Dojo. The club will not tolerate students standing around in little groups, talking or laughing, as this impedes those students who wish to limber up properly.
Any member who does not renew their Membership within one month of expiry, will be taken off the list and their membership of TSKC lapses. They will have to re-apply for membership to TSKC in the usual way which includes a joining fee and will not be allowed to train at a TSKC dojo.
Within one month of attending a club, each new member must apply for a licence.
Each member will be eligible to take a grade, under the discretion of Sensei. There will be no exemptions to these rules. Also to take a grade, one must produce a current licence.

Grades are usually taken every four months provided the previous requirements are met, in that you have trained for 3 months and attended the required 24 lessons. (Ask the Instructor for a licence form).